despite the fact that autumn has finally arrived here in los angeles, pasadena to be exact

i am still captivated by the greenery of spring.
these photos, reflecting past engagement photos, old science documents & travels to the english country side of kiddiminster

i am reminded of the life, beauty and hope that arises in spring

fall is a reflective month.

one for crafts & foods made of oranges, reds & deep yellows

my favorite 'fall' craft is my mini hay bale - made from real straw and found wire from my father-in-laws central california ranch

there's nothing better than the smell of cinnamon, straw & spiced apple on a crisp autumn day...

the re-birth of spring or the calming of autumn [and yet i find myself even more so, hurried with busyness..]

reflective & calm i sit here,

clothed in a burnt orange cardigan, leather boots on, coffee in hand, anticipating, autumn -oh the adventures to experience, crafts to create & experiences to gain..

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