my new horizon
my new life
our new platform of work

and yet a connector -

today I got an inmail from a blast from the past
my strengths counselor while I was the alpha leader
"Are you the artist formerly known as Brimmacombe?"

why yes, it is I

make me sad? or make me laugh?


week 7 of the bachelor

spoiler alert for those who didnt witness last nights episode.

I would love to have a whole blog with just my brothers commentary. He's really up there with Grantland, its unreal. Well last night's episode and todays synopsis didnt disappoint.

Here's what Scotty Brim's saying..

Week 7 watching live with a bottle of wine! Thats right, last week's crazy officially roped me back in. pulled me off a cliff of Bachelor despair, if you will..lesssss go
-could the pastor dad + texas connection be enough for AshLEE? I dont know, shes throwing me for a loop
-ashLEE's been dreaming of this day since she was 4 or 5, I mean, you were married, this cant be the first time
-yes, "i stood there and looked at this lake (tears) and with the plunge, I submerged every fear of abandonment" ashLee, you are awesome. Perpetually on the verge of tears and platitudinal statements, you are awesome. Real happy that she's final 2 bound. Then im not sure if ill be sad for her when she gets dumped, or just excited to hear the exit speech.
-Probably both
-good god, watching this with commercials is the worst. Though it does give me time to keep up with twitter, which is generally in top form for the bach
-catherine says sean is "very vulnerable for a guy", like sure, catherine
-lindsay's never taken home a "serious" boyfriend, it's always been "light-hearted". because sean and her are clearly not in the latter category
-sean just say america and grunt a lot, you'll be fine
-why do military people ALWAYS use anecdotal experiences from the military to explain how they make a decision and therefore--it is implied--that MUST be a perfectly logical decision. How does anyone have a rational thought process without the military?
-aww come on, we're going to des' house rather than the trailer? What a letdown
-"Des is already in the 'yoga pants' phase of their relationship" -via twitter
-"Sean is so presumptious saying Des is in her natural element when shes outdoors just because she grew up in a tent" -twitter
-the sean tells all episode is going to blowwww
-parents start talking about the weather, dad, "we have the 4 seasons". That was fantastic
-catherines going home, calling it now. I still think he likes Des more than all of the other girls
-AshLEEs dress, good gracious its horrible
-Des' date was last night. I mean, short turn-around for the rose ceremony
-chris harrison closes his advice segment with make your decision "when you're ready". It's rose ceremony night, he's got that line on lockdown
-i like catherine, but I mean, what the hell
-oh des
-is lindsay going to win? She is, isnt she
-oh no des. Car breakdown. "i dont know what im going to do about my life"

busting at the seams

nothing is more frustrating than someone telling you theyve asked you for something when they havent and are bitchy and passive aggressive about it making you feel bad, guilty and stupid.
thinking people can read your mind is just about the most selfish thing someone can do to a person.
i know this first hand as i have perfected the old 'read my mind trick"
but when it happens to you, its bull shit
how am i supposed to know what youre thinking, expecting, wanting
oh but good for you, youve made me feel bad and now worried about who i am, how i am and what you think of me


not often am i dark on this.
i think of this place as a clean, light, refuge.
similar to how id like a home to be; airy, light and safe.

but recently D and I found ourselves listening to an interview with art historians regarding Edvard Munch and his most infamous 'scream' painting.
They analysed his upbringing, strife and battles with thoughts

""My father was temperamentally nervous and obsessively religious—to the point of psychoneurosis. From him I inherited the seeds of madness. The angels of fear, sorrow, and death stood by my side since the day I was born."

andrew wyeth

ive loved andrew wyeth's christina's world since jr high art class
the movement, the precision, the depth, the angst
there are a pleathora of emotions that this painting represents and captures within the viewer

since then ive become a deeper fan and appreciator of wyeth's works
the muted colors, the stillness, the solitude and mere simplicity.
just seemed appropriate to share others today.

seen at the moma