let the baking and making begin.

chocolate snowballs
chocolate chip cookies
red velvet bundt cake [thanks 'kiss my bundt bakery']
carrot cake bundt
chocolate cake with butter cream frosting bundt
chex mix
& other goodies

the dan & i are celebrating our wedding/marriage with mcguire family and friends saturday
we are preparing harvest desserts to match my favourite harvest decor i have packed in my wooden crate:
gathered hay, burnt orange and gold linens, indian corn, gourds & various sized pumkins.

i wish i could decorate all day

and also wishing family in oregon and michigan,
friends in england,
and friends in other states could attend the event,
however i look forward to seeing them in december, as we near christmas!

its still odd to me that we are in the fall/winter season, it just doesnt feel quite right yet..

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

make these.

inexpensive and really sooo good.

and fallish.