fun finds, part deux

i have two friends

one is named heather,

she lives in england, is a student, is analytical and loves to write

i love talking to heather

my other friend is named cate

i havent had a real conversation with her, other than one on skype.

but all our friends are friends and i will be visiting her home in colorado in january, so i am assuming we will be friends

my friends are adventurous
and love beautiful things
i had to steal these pictures from heather, because i thought they were just too beautiful to pass up.
i am struck by the beauty of women, in green lush environments, feeling free, wild and so happy and confident

but oh to dwell in the english countryside once more..
reminds me of past travels with a dear friend sara here we sit on one of the green and vast
aran islands, off the cost of western ireland [eire]
what freedom

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Kimmy said...

i like those two.