repurposing the yellow pages & moss ribbon

in the past few weeks, I have been so inspired by this little boutique shop a few blocks from our apartment in old town pasadena
each time we walk by lulu mae, i am enthralled with the crafts in the windows, chipping white painted frames, letter pressed cards on the rack and unique gifts displayed!

Lulu Mae. gifts of wit & whimsy
lovely, fabulous and awesome to the max!
i love their slogan:
"We think simple, simple; but we always end up overdoing it...MORE IS MORE!!"

look at all this ribbon!
the bookcase!
the shelving!
everything is fabulous!

I almost died when i saw this moss ribbon.

be cooler

the inital thing that caught my eye
was their window display
'recycle, repurpose, reuse'

newspaper dresses
globe lanterns

reused cardboard journals

i immediately went home
cracked open the new yellow pages we had received on our door step
began ripping pages
and making flowers, rosettes and paper balls
to hang and adore our walls
a true story of 'repurose-ing'
i say, why not!

newspaper flowers.
so easy to make
and so awesome

for more goodies from lulu mae:

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