a succulent for your thoughts

Leeanne or Lee [i love that name] is my soon to be, sister-in-law's brother's wife
in other words
my husband's, brother's, wife's, brother's, fiancee
She is blonde, fun & so fab
a few months back, we were discussing boutioneer ideas for jake [her fiance]
and she had the idea of using succulents...
not being a native californian, i was unaware of the coolness of the cactus... once wed just did a real wedding spread
where the couple used succulents, cacti [i love this word..plural for cactus-es]
and moss in their bouquets, as their centerpieces and in pots as party favours
what awesome, cool looking, low matinence plants

i love the desert ecclectic feel of this piece

cute little tins
lee's brother's name is cameron...its perfect :]

peonies, garden roses, ranuculas, succulents, berries & other greenery -lovely

cute pots, cute tiles, cute succulents

succulent boutioneer ideas...

almost looks like a wild artichoke [major yum]

love the bowtie

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