gifts from my week in the village part one

one of the things that make the romanian people so strong, resilient and
able to withstand so many years of oppression, invasion and cultural changes is their spirituality.
to the romanian people, their orthodox tradition is central to their life
each village, no matter how big or small, has at least one church
it may be made out of wood, cement or brick
but each have been painted with incredible icons representing jesus, mary and the various saints

because there is no seperation between church and state - [in truth, the two go hand in hand here]
part of a Romanian child's education whether in school, church or community kids clubs
is the drawing/painting of icons
this is a key and extremely important part to their learning

as a guest to two different villages in Ialomita county [sounds like Yah-low-meat-zah]
i was presented with many beautiful, handcrafted gifts
the following are two icons and one painting by children from the communities
[they are so cute and i definitely cried when receiving all gifts. so emotional]
"Icoana Din Sufletul Meu"
[The Icon of My Soul]
Painted in a World Vision supported library and Kids Club by Cristiana
Adancata village, Ialomita County, Romania
"To remember Dridu, Romania"
an Icon of the Christ Jesus
Painted by Ioana Vi┼čan, 10 years old
Dridu village, Ialomita County, Romania
"My Dream School"
Painted by Valerian Sandu, 3rd Grade
Dridu village, Ialomita County, Romania

and there she is, the little trouble maker Misja
so curious and so pesky
and still my one little companion

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