bachelorette items on the agenda:
-cook nothing & eat delicious fresh vegetables with last night's cous cous
-clean disastrous room after moving/packing distruction
-take more photos of me and the russian cat, Misja
-put off going to the market for another night
-watch a few episodes of the OC season 3
-eat some rice cakes
-sip some tea
-talk to myself
-call for Misja to come sit with me
-read a bit of the repenters - christianity during romanian communist times
-goodnight moon

i have not been this alone for a long time


Kimmy said...

ummm it is still just what? Day two?

danny & christie said...

give me a little grace here
i am literally never alone

roommates, work, friends, family, and now husband
doesnt leave many minutes other than drive time in the day for solitude

its a different experience
but today was wonderful
and i am just talking
on this blog

abby said...

relish it. i think it gives me a little bounce in my step when i find myself alone amongst strangers and i can remember all those times i've been utterly alone.... and sometimes not okay with it.

danny & christie said...

thanks abby
as a matter of fact
i actually have been feeling really rejuvenated and okay.
its been a really interesting time.
but really good actually.
i do have to say however, that i dont like cats
having this little cat as a companion really makes me feel better.
i now understand why people have thme.
she sleeps with me in my bed and likes to cuddle while im working
its helpful
and aloneness - solitude really is a good thing
just different for me, in this phase of life

but i am embrasing it
singing loudly
cooking what i want to eat
and going, doing, seeing what i want

i think all should experience true solitude, aloneness from time to time, as i know both danny and i are growing from very much