friday morning jibba jabba

my boss was working from home today, and encouraged me to do the same
I told her I'd probably work at a cafe, but in the back of my mind really thought, i'll probably just hang around the apt for the day

after a bit of a lonesome night of homemade soup, white wine and Coco before Chanel [fab],
i took my mom's advice and got out of the house this morning

during my 20 minute walk,
i pushed myself to look around,
smell the smells
and take in all that is bucharest

my dad has been pushing me to do a 'photo essay-case study' and
being further inspired by Mike Ormsby's, short story accounts of, "experiences [through] 13 years in [Romania]: the ups and downs; the funny, the frustrating, the happy and sad." from his book, "Nevermind the Balkans, Here's Romania,"
my aim for the day was to take note of what i saw.

i dont think taking photos of people is the kindest guesture,
but it has lead me to think of a new series of posts...

A "things that are bucharest, well, through my eyes" series
so for the next few days, my words will have to do...

stay tuned..

if ever planning to live in Romania, "Nevermind the Balkans, Here's Romania" is definitely worth a read.
it has been a life saver and has encouraged me to shake my head, laugh and just embrace all, that is romania

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