an ode to rachel

she may not 'look' like the tree-hugging, enviromentalist you'd imagine
she wears pearls, loves kate spade and went to Notre Dame.
dont let it fool you
this girl loves earth, that is, the creation that God made

as one who refuses food if served in styrofoam tupperware,
my dear friend rachel would be appalled if she sat in my seat today
I dont know if this a common building practice, but today
i watch a building be completely covered by styrofoam insulation
stacks and stacks of 6inch thick slabs of styrofoam being cemented to the walls

ohhhh the bags say "energy saving"

there are specks and pieces of it everywhere
inside, outside, on the desks, floating in the air
in my mouth, in my hair, everywhere

i just cant imagine that this is a good thing

its a little discouraging to think that people are
attempting to use re-useable coffee mugs, rather than the quick 8oz styrofoam take aways
when an entire 4 story building is being covered in it

i guess we can all do our part
i will keep using my camelbak, and I'm sure rach will continue using her ceramic plates and metal utensils
nevertheless, the plastic bags keep opening exposing their 'energy saving' contents,
the drills continue mixing cement
and the snowflakes of foam keep dancing in the wind
photo taken from this blog,
investigaging alternative building materials

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