new recipe, delicious ahi salad

fall foods; one

if you know me, you know i am not 'the best' cook
i thoroughly enjoy cooking
being in the kitchen
cutting vegetables, preparing dishes
but most times, i prepare things that i like and dont usually take new chances
like many, my thought is, if we like it, why not make it alot?
but, i must admit, there a joy in trying something new
danny has been instrumental in inspiring & challenging me to do so.
never the less, a new dish; ahi salad
if you say you dont like fish cause it's 'to fishy,'
youre missing out

this salad was so good, so fresh & so delicious
that i thought i'd share
16 oz of ahi
found at trader joes
defrost  & cut in cubes

stale sourdough baguette, perfect for breadcrumbs

the basics
danny's mortal & pestle,
garlic salt, salt & pepper


cover ahi in bread/spice crumbs
to ensure flavor & moisture is retained
prepare pan with olive oil on medium low heat
the worst thing you could do with ahi is over cook

add ahi and crumb mixture & sautee until light brown
overcooking=tough meaty ahi=not good

meanwhile, prepare salad & dressing
dice red onion

 combine red onion, with olive oil

add red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, celery seed, dried mustard & sugar

butter leaf lettuce is our favourite topped with ripe avocado
add ahi & dressing


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Noelle Marie said...

looks tasty. great play by play.