project: fabric & ribbon chandelier

since returning home
my friend heather has inspired & really challenged me to think out of the box
throughout the past three weeks, shes really pushed me
to do things around the house that i've always thought about, wanted to do, but just didnt quite know how...
its been so fun coming up with ideas and solutions
a true pal that heath is

we have a nook/corner part of our living room that has always given me a bit of trouble
with heather's insight and the help of some design blogs
we came up with some crafty new ideas to make a reading nook

i moved our rocking chair, added a side table, lamp and
adorned it with a fabric & ribbon chandelier
[photos from the 'creation process' shown below]

using basic items for the frame

white wire hangers & floral wire to fasten the two together
gathered fabric, ribbon, string

cutting the fabric into strips

tying each strip onto the wire frame

hangin it up
and now to enjoy our little reading nook!

its a work in progress!


Kimmy said...

ok. enough is enough. You need COLOR.
I say go with the royal blue.

that should be your new motto.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the neutrals, but at one point your chandelier looked like a goose. Sorry...just saying...

Kimmy said...

Don't hide behind your webs of deceit any longer 'Anonymous' SHOW YOURSELF!

Sara said...

I love it. And I'm making one tonight.