the theory of hipster relativity
its just too good

{this comic was inspired by the realization that I have been called a hipster, yet I call other people hipsters. And yet everyone was right. 
When I went to a dive bar in Williamsburg in 2005 and watched my friend get into a fight with a wimpy little shit with an obnoxious haircut, black rimmed glasses and a skinny tie, I was right in calling him a stupid hipster. And when a guy in my office who could be an extra on The Jersey Shore looked at me and saw a tall, skinny long-haired music nerd and called me a hipster, he was right. 
And I’m sure when he goes home and hangs out with his friends, they call him a hipster for being a graphic designer and knowing more about fonts than most people do about anything.
It’s all relative.}

a hipster
a hipster?
say it aint so!

hipster or jesus?
 thanks [amanda] for posting this
for more awesome photos [click] for hipster or jesus

ray bands
dirty hair
hipster ...
have we all sold out?

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