bathroom stripes

paint project.
mission: bathroom stripes

- bathroom
- primer/white washing - benjamin moore's flat in 'chantilly lace' or leave walls the color you already
   have... [ours was a horrible dingy beige-ish]
- main wall colour paint - behr semi gloss in 'clear moon'
- stripe colour paint - we a ralph lauren 'silver city' color in suede finish from the reject bin at home depot
--- this paint ended up being perfect for the 'imperfect' look we were going for
--- the suede paint without the suede-ing technique created various dimensions of lights & darks,
      faded lines & a rougher aged feel
- masking/painters tape
- measuring tape
- roller
- level
- paint brush
- confidence
- patience

step one: 
gather ingredients

step two:
get husband to help measure & level
we wanted our stripes 6 inches wide
once measured correctly, make sure tape is secured tightly onto wall [we dont want no bubbles]

confidently measure for proper tape placement

step three:
encourage husband that he is doing an exceptional job

step four:
open paint, pour paint, prepare self to paint

step five:
begin painting with small roller
i chose the 'imperfect' paint style
various depths of lighter and darker shades, non-straightened lines and an unfinished yet polished look

step six:

once stripe paint has dried, remove tape immediately

step seven:

look under crevices and hard to reach spots for gaps

step eight:
add bathroom decor & enjoy!

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Laura said...

oh so fabulous. love that one of the steps is about encouraging your husband :)