early spring backdrop

everyones talking, blogging, tweeting, jib jabbin about it...spring has arrived. 
in bellingham, tulips & daffodils blooming
the carlsbad ranuculus flower fields bursting
in bend theyre shoveling snow
michigan students are graduating in jackets and hats 
trees budding, streams flowing and
in pasadena its reaching the lower 90s...

despite our mid week heat wave, i wanted to share our mcguire home's simple table backdrop
as a celebration of the transition of seasons i wanted a dainty, natural - yet colorful backdrop behind our kitchen table.
part easter, part spring, part handmade.
come over and dine with us?



-hemp twine
-tissue paper reused from gifts
-coffee filters
-martha stewart doilies


Kimmy said...

thats debatable

christie mcguire said...

dont be mean
its color to me