homemade lemoncello

homemade lemoncello...we'll see how this goes!
a special thanks to my coworkers and colleagues who brought in the dozens and dozens of fresh lemons from the california citrus trees surrounding the south land!
we thought we should put them to use by attempting to make lemoncello
our process -- well danny's process of making, my supportive photo taking shown below:

21 lemons to be exact

peel the skins making sure not to get the pulp

sadly, after skins are peeled, the remainder of lemons are unused - 
thus we made lemonade with the remaining bits of lemon
squeezed lemon, a little water & a douse of sugar -- or if you want the romanian way, add honey for sweet

add lemon peels to container

add 1.75 liters vodka & stir, hands work too

plastic wrap - or use a container with a seal

and now she sits waiting to be served
1 month with lemon peels
1 month with peels & simple syrup
then freeze
we'll see how long we can wait

buon appetito

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Noelle Ritter said...

can't wait to see how this goes. i want to experiment with infusing too this summer!