a new endeavor


new endeavors, new updates and new things are a happenin for the mcguires
first update, is that I've started assisting the designers at dandelion ranch
first day's work station....550 beautiful purple ranunculas and bundles of peonies and anenome
all in preparation for the NBC Screening events this week
honored & so thrilled to be working with and learning from Clover Chadwick and the rest of the team
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Jessica :: Delicatessen said...

Wow, congrats! I just started helping out with a florist too.

Now with that said, I have just outed myself for following your blog. Cheers!

Noelle Ritter said...

what a perfect fit for you!

christie mcguire said...

thanks jessica and noelle :]
tis an exciting new season and adventure ahead!

colored.glass.garden said...

ahhh- brim! this is so exciting for you. truly, wonderful.