because I was proud of it

i wear outfits sometimes that I am proud of.
i will not become a daily fashion plate [as my dad refers to me whenever he comes to pasadena or us to oregon] taking photos daily despite the inspiration in which those cause
but i like my outfits somedays
is this a crime?
is this selfish, boastful or full of myself?
i like clothes
i love hair
why not take pride in that? eh?
AND why not be happy when you feel confident, stylish or oh so fab
as danny says some mornings "oh, youre so pinterest"
its not like people havent worn cardigans or gold jewelry before
im not claiming uniqueness, i just like it. so deal.
so I share, well i document, I guess just to afirm my liking of it.
so if youre thinking 'shes boasting' or 'she thinks shes so cool' or 'shes so full of herself'...good for you
you completely understand me

twist an pattern


Sara said...

Sometimes I feel special too, and it isn't bad. I understand you! :) said...

lovin this, proud of yer confidence, feeling inspired to feel be great. loveyouso fashionista.

christie mcguire said...

thanks sara and tannia :]