cause on days where one's feeling low
they read this, and laugh at their desk..........
i wish i could have all the people in my life know my brother...
there is little way for me to explain him or give examples of why i think hes so funny and why we're so much alike and yet so vasty different.
i feel that if people knew scott theyd have a truer deeper sense of me
theyd get the humor, the repeating of words, the sayings and lyrics in songs that stick
there really isnt many out there who make me laugh more than him
hes so weird and yet so funny and dry
im laughing thinking about it

picture a 6'4 180lbs [he wishes] blonde, blue eyed english german male
sweat pants, grandpa's jacket and neon sunglasses
a man who eats raw deer meat then gets e.coli
an analytic but die hard sports fan
a critic with a heart of compassion
one who enjoys yogurt, a banana and lasagna for breakfast

i suppose the only way to show him or have you learn him is to display something from him...
an email between my brother, parents and self

"scott, what do you want for your birthday?"

his reply:
"wait for electric toothbrush
haha i do actually need one, mine broke
the card game Dominion or Dominion: Intrigue ...Intrigue can be used as an expansion or it can just stand alone. such a sweet game
also, the board game Settlers of Catan. preferably with the 5-6 player expansion but we dont need to get ahead of ourselves. also a sweet game
 [insert nerd comment followed by comment about NJ people might think playing these games is beneath them /bitter]
books: the ones dad recommended to me; "God, Marriage, and Family" by Andre Kostenburger; any books by Ravi Zacharias other than "The Grand Weaver" because i have it; "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller; "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer; either a biography of Dietrich Bonhoffer or a book authored by him; any books about outdoor expeditions i.e. climbing mountains or manly books; Bear Grylls autobiography
one note on books, obviously i do not want all of these right now, and if you are paying more than $5-10 on amazon for these then i do not want them. i have plenty to read already
beer stuff that id think is cool
ummm...a new instrument cluster for my car? prep books for the gmat?"
yeah prep books for the gmat.....
merry christmas


Kimmy said...

simply nothing better than a brother.


Laura said...

sometimes the things he says remind me so much of ryan.