kids camp wedding

coordinating weddings, i have realized, is just not my thing
give me the ideas, give me the table, give me the vases
dont give me the lists
i can be good at it, but i dont like it

i helped out a dear friend coordinate a wedding of 300+ guests, including 90 children/babies
17 members in the bridal party, homecooked appetizers, lawn games, kids area, dancing, pizza buffet...they wanted it all and i have to say that i was nervous....
without blowing smoke up your ass, i have to say, that this was one of the most organized, and best laid out weddings i have every attended/worked on.
i did very little in this regard - and much of it is in thanks to k. ritz, yeah kristin, youre getting a new nickname
i actually cant believe how easy this wedding was
and you know what, all it took was asking for a little help from the professionals.
it really does pay, to pay...
the bride hired 5 youth from a community youth group she had been involved in to be 'servers' -essentially, to be wherever and do whatever i needed them to do....
where as I was the slave to k. rtiz, they were my pions, my slaves, my b's, sorry, but i loved it
and i think they loved it to...alot of laughs, alot of trying the appetizers, and all while reminaing ahead of schedule
i have bad photos and am hoping there will be more posted somewhere
but the florals [designed by family friend flower wholesalers, yes, im so jealous] were delightfully colorful and robust. garlands covered every railing, mini jars and full vases with burlap, cones and needles on each table
it was really amazing
kids camp turned romantic woodsy marriage place

i want you and your cute little bow tie

homebrew drinkin on the job...sorry! if the pizza guy could do it, so could i!


Kimmy said...

thank you for blogging.

christie mcguire said...

are you being sarcastic

K.Ritzau said...

Just saw this - ha!