self hair @ desk

i have alot of work to do
alot of forms to fill and emails to write
however all i want to do is take my thanksgiving photos and blog them
but instead takes a self photo in cube on my 5 min lunch break

i guess this is a "duh" photo
its my space
here, where i am, in the day, most days
with maps and cords and photos and cold coffee
this is my reality
so instead of getting lovely with photos of flowers and neices and fireplaces from november, here i am december 5
in dannys argyle sweater
hair that hasnt been brushed, but is clean
and my desk

for today is monday, and what not a better place to say hello from
until i gain a moment of free, and inspiration [because this is a very important component to posting. for i should have blogged when watching twilight last night [one of the most terrible] however, but yet we kept watching. so until these things happen, those photos will remain unseen

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