pot hangers. kitchen project

i havent uploaded projects or really done many for quite some time now
but today is a different day
i am a new woman today
with the man out camping in the snow, i was left to my own devises for a midmorning afternoon session of project, house.
upon preparing myself some mac and cheese,
i found myself frustrated. annoyed. and cursing at the pots, pans, lids. tossing them around
how annoying was our shelving that our 1950s apartment had given us.
Why are shelves so deep? Who can effectively utilize that space other than purchasing drawer units from container store.
I mean honestly.
The pot lids had to go.
i quickly found myself with a  jar of nails and hammer in hand, the sign of true progress.
With only a few nails going through dry wall, missing studs, our lids finally found a home
where they were wanted, needed, and had their own space to shine, to live,
to breathe without the oppression of heavy pots stacked uneven on top of them.
here, the pan lids will thrive

breathe easy lids, youre free

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