brother on the bachelor - TGIF February 10

secret: these are some of my favorite things to post. i want to tell scott to just make his own blog so he can rant and rave on there, but i dont dare tell him, for fear that he would stop writing emails thus would stop my ability to use and plagerize his words as my own in this realm that is blog-nation.
here is todays entry. 
brother on the bachelor

"but seriously TGIF
also how bout that episode of the bach this week?! that was fantastic. pure uncomfortable entertainment for 2 full hours. courtney continues her usual tricks, and i mean does she have tricks or what? shes a flippin genius, evil yes, but genius. the play hard to get conversation with ben (i just sat there amazed at how perfectly she executed the conversation), the bikini walk behind jamie (who we must admit was an easy target because she has the craziest nervous ramble talking habit ever)..she plays the "game" portion of the bachelor so well. yes, it looks like she's gone next week, but i wouldn't count her out. though i think the reason she might get booted is because ben loves kacie b. so much that he'll do it just to placate her. and lastly, jamie...uh hahahaha what a train wreck. that was 10 minutes of futility. so embarrassing. she was the girl who never said anything and was barely involved in the show and then besmirched her dignity in the course of 10 minutes. when i was finally able to uncover my eyes i just laughed through the whole rose ceremony. that was a train wreck"

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