thank you card -monday

I very rarely react to cards in such a way as I did this morning
Perhaps I am not a huge supporter of traditional scrapbooking/card making. But many cards feel generic, cutsie or cheesey. I know the opinions are flowing this morning.
Perhaps it was the chocolate cupcake I just inhaled or perhaps that I drove to work without a license and with only 20miles to go until empty. Perhaps it was pulling into the gas station and realizing not only do I not have my license but I am without a credit card to fill. Call me a risk taker. Call me a modern marvel. Or call it Monday
I just read an article that said one of the most annoying things people could do on social media is complain about Mondays. Well social media take this. Monday here I am and here I write.
Regardless, and anyway, back to my point about cards.
I received this from someone who I do not know, but have only been corresponding with via email, regarding her interest in our internships.
usually I find this stuff kind of annoying, but today it really was such a nice gesture to receive.
Most importantly, I couldn’t get over how cute and simple the card craftsman/womanship had.
I just kept looking at the cover….basic robins egg blue card stock, cream, with fabric sewn and paper bracketed. finished with a little hand written 'thank you
Couldn’t be cuter. And how appropriate for spring.
Inspiration for me now that my sewing machine is back up and running.
To crafts ahead and very kind gestures…cheers

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Laura said...

that really is a cute thank you card!