valentines gifts valentines things

I suppose there are times when the gift giving is uneven
and I suppose that this is reflection of what true marriage is.
as Cas put it, marriage, family is not even, its never going to be fair, but what it is, is teamwork, partnership. I clean his shit up cause i love him, and he picks up my dishes cause he loves me. its not about keeping score

Sure, I gave him a lava lamp.
he really wanted it - and i was so happy giving it to him

but he blessed me this year
i cried

karen walker sunglasses, i almost died
and all of the things to add to my collection.
who knew how tricky he was, scheming my pinterest, seeing the interests, cause lets be honest, i dont often openly say ' i really want this ' - perhaps that is why pinterst is so sucessful.
it allows me to say - i love this, or i want this or someday
and what a clever little dan he was. scheming and seeking out to find

as another friend said - let tonight be a reaffirmation of your love, of the things you first fell in love with, and hold that.
jee what advice. such good good advice. and i hold that dear.

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