theres alot to say as a lot of time has gone by
but i dont feel like writing it on here. 
i wish it was easier to post
i wish i had an iphone where photos went directly here
but they dont

i have alot of feelings and thoughts as of late
a new season perhaps
a season not of transition in the normal way people are transitioning these days
but an awakening? who knows as of yet
all i know is, i have a new father in law, my parents are selling our house and i am working on a quilt

other than that here are some beautiful orchids from julie and richards wedding.
i dont like orchids, or i should say, ive always hated how they are arranged or styled.
but im captivated by these.

theyre so beautiful and naturally moving.
enjoy this little study

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colored.glass.garden said...

proud of you, and reflections like these. loveyouso.