peter pan

popping my collar
and rolling up slacks
coffee in the pm
veggie smoothies in the morn
tracnig names through interviews
smelling garden roses
sticks and moldy succulents
writing cards
greeting returning friends
vegan foods and new beginnigns for others
planning holidays, friends in transition
piano and small business looming
earth quakes and stagnant to do s
tears of rejection, frusteration, and denial
peace, powdered color
feelings of freedom and wild
finding running standing at my desk
curious anxious and trying to be
confident comfrotable still and here
school boy jackets and hair in high pony
biting nails listening to tales
talk of plans and thoughts and what we're doing
long days turmoil and transition
conversations of deli meat and prices of new things
is this where we are
shakespere and school assignments and running and tagging and likeing are no more

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