im looking forward to this place next week
a place of space and solitude
a place where my phone often dies and i see no one but family.
a place of pioneers and bitterbrush smelling air
to say happy birthday america, im ready to taste the fiery air and taste your sweet lemonade
 to red chair and 10 barrel and new places and new tastes
to lasagna at 5am and fireplaces and cool nights
to return to a home that has a sign out front
to putting a number and cost to 12 years of family,
of new puppies and giving them back
to broken hearts and unmet promises
to games of P-I-G,
to badminton,
to our wedding
to empty nesters
to snowy holidays
to teepeed trees
to the apprentice
to fondue

if you watch and listen to miranda lamberts house that built me and think of home wherever and whatever home is to you and dont weep i dont know what will.

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