perhaps its my reading of bossy pants
or of too much 'really?!' from SNL
but seriously,
dont you feel we're past that stage?
a little old for photos of ourselves with pushed lips standing by ourselves?

social media kills me and people presenting their glamour
its  so annoying
so disgusting so self indulgent
i, for so long, have cared if people call me judgemental,
or feared that id hurt feelings
but arent we entitled to our opinions?
opinion is one of the most fascinating thing for me to read, to hear, to share.
so with that, you too, are entitled to your opinion, to do whatever you want, wear whatever you want and look as skinny as you can for as long as you want in photos.
truth is i know there is an ambiguous 'you' in this note, and its really not to anyone in particular.
its more just a thought. a thought of life, mid 20-ism and where we are at in life, culture, society.
and i think for me the beauty is that i can say whatever i want on here

so back to id, i think sophomore year was our cut off.
no longer can solo wanna be model photos be appropriate, unless you actually own up to wanting to be a model.
as tina puts it -- if youre over 20, always, always smile in photos.
just do it.
and with that, im curerently wearing all nike. literally everything nike
must have just returned from Portland.
so for you mid thirty stay at home moms out, i stand with you, together, in solidarity.
no longer will we be held back with jeans and pressed button downs! Nay!
long live lycra and sports bras!

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