week 7 of the bachelor

spoiler alert for those who didnt witness last nights episode.

I would love to have a whole blog with just my brothers commentary. He's really up there with Grantland, its unreal. Well last night's episode and todays synopsis didnt disappoint.

Here's what Scotty Brim's saying..

Week 7 watching live with a bottle of wine! Thats right, last week's crazy officially roped me back in. pulled me off a cliff of Bachelor despair, if you will..lesssss go
-could the pastor dad + texas connection be enough for AshLEE? I dont know, shes throwing me for a loop
-ashLEE's been dreaming of this day since she was 4 or 5, I mean, you were married, this cant be the first time
-yes, "i stood there and looked at this lake (tears) and with the plunge, I submerged every fear of abandonment" ashLee, you are awesome. Perpetually on the verge of tears and platitudinal statements, you are awesome. Real happy that she's final 2 bound. Then im not sure if ill be sad for her when she gets dumped, or just excited to hear the exit speech.
-Probably both
-good god, watching this with commercials is the worst. Though it does give me time to keep up with twitter, which is generally in top form for the bach
-catherine says sean is "very vulnerable for a guy", like sure, catherine
-lindsay's never taken home a "serious" boyfriend, it's always been "light-hearted". because sean and her are clearly not in the latter category
-sean just say america and grunt a lot, you'll be fine
-why do military people ALWAYS use anecdotal experiences from the military to explain how they make a decision and therefore--it is implied--that MUST be a perfectly logical decision. How does anyone have a rational thought process without the military?
-aww come on, we're going to des' house rather than the trailer? What a letdown
-"Des is already in the 'yoga pants' phase of their relationship" -via twitter
-"Sean is so presumptious saying Des is in her natural element when shes outdoors just because she grew up in a tent" -twitter
-the sean tells all episode is going to blowwww
-parents start talking about the weather, dad, "we have the 4 seasons". That was fantastic
-catherines going home, calling it now. I still think he likes Des more than all of the other girls
-AshLEEs dress, good gracious its horrible
-Des' date was last night. I mean, short turn-around for the rose ceremony
-chris harrison closes his advice segment with make your decision "when you're ready". It's rose ceremony night, he's got that line on lockdown
-i like catherine, but I mean, what the hell
-oh des
-is lindsay going to win? She is, isnt she
-oh no des. Car breakdown. "i dont know what im going to do about my life"

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