i write this for a one, miss kimmy dumont
she is the sole reader of this, dare i say, blog
although off topic, i hate the word blog
the idea of blogs
the notion of blogs
however here i am

i think it is a fun thing to have
fun in the sense that i can type exceptionally faster than i can write
although hand written is more personal and thoughtful,
typing is the german version of handwriting
productive, efficient, fast, and impersonal

regardless, back to kimmy
my sole or shall i say soul reader, supporter and comment provider

lunch today was a wonderful reunion, the dan, the kim kim, tri tip salad & delicious garlic rolls
only the type that woodranch and red's bbq could provide

despite the great food and company
i maintained a wierd reoccuring bratty and negative attitude
why is it more fun, more relieving and seemingly better to be cynical and negative
beats me [beets in kimmys sake]
but to you kimmy - i say, although its nice to release stress, alieviate tension and sometimes vent, it is my desire for people to see me as a light, a beakon of hope and one who possesses great joy.

i realize these things may not always stand present in our lives, however it is the negative thoughts, harsh words, and frusterations that hold us back from truly seeing, loving and being who we want to be.

i appreciate you. your friendship. your encouragement. listening ear. and encouraging knowing.
i love you for driving to meet us for lunch
i cannot wait to visit, eat and discuss in denver
and may i conclude, with a deep statement from my inner being,
dare i decalre, i am, a beautiful mess


Kimmy said...

ha. got me good.
sometimes it happens.
i think you espouse hope.
worry doesn't help anything either.

Scott said...

i've read every post thanks very much