my dear friend heath and i
london, england 2010
just two normal gals
supportin flat shoes, trousers, and i a collared shirt, jacket & saddle bag
this look, in which i have embraced for years now...
i dont know if its the comfort, the style or the attempt to detract attention, but i am on the cuffs of a new fashion season

90 years ago, women werent even allowed to wear pants,
but look how lovely the feathers and sparkley dance shoes

when i first arrrived in romania, this is what I expected the women to look like. [kidding]
having only packed basic tees, jeans, pants, and work-appropriate attire, i am realizing just how far from the feminine look i have gotten
minus the Louis Vitton handbag, THIS is more what the women in Bucharest wear
heels, wedges, platforms
low cut, pushed up & sinched in

i am reflecting on femininity,
thinking back to my younger days as a kid,
wearing oversized t-shirts from the soccer camp attended in the summer,
matched with long basketball shorts, tennis shoes and my hair slicked back into a pony tail
I would not classify myself as a tom boy, however
i really didnt care about fashion, looking nice, or pretty things
i was into comfort, function and whatever i could get dirty, run in and ride my bike in
i bite my nails, prefer big t shirts over a dress and still today, wear my hair in a bun or pony tail

maybe it is because i recently saw sex and the city 2, painted my nails, purchased a vogue or
maybe its because i am surrounded by women fully embracing their woman-ness
i realized i have neglected this part of myself for many years

i often skim blogs and fashion magazines with cultured eyes, knowing many of the designers, whats in for the season and how to best flatter one's body type.
when visiting Las Vegas last year, I walked into an oscar de la renta boutique and
literally started weeping
i had never seen so many beautiful pieces in my entire life
and yet I have not taken this love for the feminine fashion culture and applied it to my wardrobe

i wont neglect my love for oversized tees, belt around the waist, wide leged chinos & sandals
however i can still be a strong and powerful woman and not have to dress like a boy
so today, i am finally honing in on the loveliness of wearing a dress, heels & hair down

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