non-floral ideas part I: colourful & fun

when my dear friend rachel asked me to 'day dream' & think of budget friendly,
non-floral centerpiece ideas for her wedding reception, my mind exploded!
the blog research process began and the creative juices were a flowing...

there are many routes one can take in achieving a 'non-floral' table centerpiece/decor,
and because i dont know the colors, themes or distinct styles of this wedding, I have gathered a variety of options...

here are a collection of the 'colourful & fun':

fun, friendly & fishy!
a simple and fun way to add 'life' to your table

using old brooches, colorful jewels and other knick knacks to create a non-floral bouquet
could be used as a single centerpiece in a large jar, vase or
as individual pieces as 'flowers' in individual vases

there is a hot & cute trend right now, using vintage tins with
farmers market flowers, branches, twigs or moss
thank you to and Jesi Haack's mock up table and this creative rustic/fiesta inspired idea
this picture displays the using of old salsa and picante pepper cans, a tumble weed and moss
[for more inspiration or wedding coordinator needs: ]

to emphasize 'budget friendly simplicity' i loved this idea.
a simple silver platter, and colorful, fun, fizzy AND functional Izzie drinks!

handmade paper items or fabric flowers, pinwheels, pom poms, flags etc:
using tissue paper you have the freedom of various colors & sizes
pom pom napkin rings, tissue paper covered votives &
poms adorning as hanging centerpieces

[thank you to rachael at lace and likes for her lovely creation of colourful pom poms for a bridal shower]


if you can sew, even do a basic stich...
these flowers & flags would be fabulous for any decor, bouquet or centerpiece

and last but not least on the 'fun and colourful' list of non-floral items...
I had to include these little potted daisy's
despite the fact that these are infact, flowers...
using cute potted plants, in colourful pots would not only add your personal touch on colour and design, but would add an earthfriendly, green and natural element to your event

stay tuned...
future blogs featuring non-floral centerpiece ideas include:
-using books, bricks, boxes, blocks & wood
-using candles
-using greenery

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Anonymous said...

Using beta fish (or any other animal) as decor for your wedding is unbelievably cruel. Not to mention, floating dead fish are not especially appetizing. Ugh!