non-floral ideas part II: books, bricks, blocks, boxes & wood

my day dreaming continues as I, again am taking the liberty to explore non-floral ideas
for Ms. Cota's reception centerpieces
the nude colors, natural elements and rustic arena is where i thrive.

this past winter, i created this 'rustic centerpiece' for our dining room table
all sticks, twigs, rosemary, pine needles and lavender were found in my surrounding neighborhood, within walking distance from my home.
it is amazing what you will find and what you'll be able to create out of it...

and now for some ideas:

I love the wooden plank runner used as the foundation for this centerpiece
although the wood sits under the bouquets, if going for the non-floral, budget friendly approach,
think of using silver and glass, layering votives and
varrying heights of candles along the wooden runner instead of flowers
i love the doily/lace around the votives...adds a romantic touch

this is, by far, one of my favourite centerpieces i have ever seen
decor for this wedding shown at
was crisp, clean and neutral birch, raw cotton, twine and glass.
simple & fabulous
table centerpieces shown below:

other ideas, using stumps for a variety of items:
cake plate, tapering candles, or main centerpiece focal point

i asked my husband, danny for some suggestions, ideas & thoughts...
so far hes come up with some great ideas
I loved his idea to use old bricks on the table, especially in a classic older venue
Bricks have a story to them AND you can use them a number of ways..
use them to create a square, use just one, layer candles on them, adorne them with vintage tins, photos in frames, mercury glass urns or other knick knacks theres a great idea!:
lovely, lovely, lovely
for the studious, the romantic, the victorian or the mere lover of history, poetry or culture
why not use classic books as your centerpiece focal point

whether kraft, cardboard, coloured or gift
one, two or five arranged
i am loving the idea of, boxes:
cute, simple, able to embellish, individualize and
are completely functional as a centerpiece as well as a goody to-go

you can spell something out
or merely have jibba jabber
either way, blocks add a colorful, youthful & distinctive touch to any table


Jan Elizabeth said...

This is a very interesting take on traditional centerpieces. I like the creativity and the textures!

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