home decor & plans for new creations

with anticipation of returning home from romania
i have transitioned all attention into home decor and our pasadena apartment
now that the pasadena madison lanai has become a more permanent residence
we have so many ideas, wants and plans to start creating or putting together

project one: de-clutter
organize, donate, deal with extra 'stuff''


project two: create man of the house mural

watch from minute 9:45 and share in the joy that this  mural and hand crafted creation provides!
for years, i have coveted this mural, wanting to create something similar
and if you know danny or i, you know we collect things, pick up things and find things throughout our days
problem is, we have limited space to display, store and furthermore, share these items
with a little bit of twine, nails and drift wood, this dream will soon become a reality.
a project of all projects!

the shelf will be cleaned up,
the side table will be moved and
the photos and paper flowers have come down off the right wall
which will become the new home of our creation [mural]


project three: utilizing our bedroom wall

storing the guitar, amp and other items
hanging the large mirrow, window pane and
building cute beach woodshelving [scroll down] on that back wall
moving my desk into the bed room to become a work table
additionally moving my craft shelves and hanging the large mirror
creating a leather working, craft studio with shelving, storage and cute aesthetic appeal
finding drift wood, building shelving, adding storage containers [!!!]

project four: paint
Painting the bottom of our couch and other
 dark wooden furniture [minus danny's desk] shades of white, creams or cloud blues
project five: sit back & enjoy being home

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