nostalgic, emo or just is what it is?

danny leaves tomorrow morning at 530am
it really doesnt have to be a dramatic thing
as my good friend kimmy says ' i think this bachelorettehood-ville could be a really good thing'
i do hope so
i need to art journal, paint and read
these are the things I am looking forward to on my down time
during work hours, i have plenty to finish up as well throughout these next three weeks
not to mention i am applying for a job as of monday. which i have all sorts of feelings about
everything will be fine
god is in control
but the doubts and questions creep in

its a wierd thing thinking about the dan's departure
'america' paul simon just started playing on my itunes
how appropriate
michigan seems like a dream to me now

i want to come home so badly
i feel selfish and spoiled when i say that
but i need to say it
i want to go home
im feeling done
so so done

and yet im not, i still have lots to do
people to see
people to meet
projects to finish
and children to hang with

'im empty and aching and i dont know why
counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
theyve all gone to look for america'

paul how i long to meet you
why didnt you answer my letters and plea to sing at my wedding
i really thought it was possible
but alas
no paul simon last august

maybe someother time..

anyway, i leave in three weeks
i am making the best of it
thus i am in romania
and this is a major place to be
and need to embrace it.
so until september 11, i am here
 my belongings, all that is left in romania

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