le revedere danny

well folks
the danster is flying across the atlantic ocean as we speak
after his 5:30am departure, i walked myself back from the taxi
tears were welling up
but i managed to hold it together

after attempting to convince Misja the cat to come sleep in my bed with me for a few minutes
i gave up, turned out the lights and headed back into my bed

i awoke an hour later
not really remembering what had happened only 60 minutes earlier, and then it hit me
'he's gone'

i took a cold shower, since the water heater has given up in this brutal bucharest heat
ate some cereal with soy milk, which is all that was left
wrote an email to my mom convincing her 'im ok'
and then headed out the door

and you know what
today has been a fantastic day
i miss danny of course
i miss having him on the same time zone as me
i miss having someone always there to chat with

today i started working with one of our field ADPs,
and a team of six amazing, welcoming and encouraging Romanians
i havent been this pumped for work in a long time

i sat in the sun when i got home
sipped sparkling mineral water
and read 'the repenters' - biographical novel by a Romanian Christian during the communist era

tomorrow i head out to work with kids clubs in neighboring villages
but now i will cook my zucchini, cous cous and green beans and sip some white wine
for life is good
the solitude is refreshing
and air conditioning free
photo taken in iasi botanical gardens

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