the process of moving back has been a good one
it's odd re-moving into your apartment
all the things that were once established and in their perfect places
are now still, sitting in boxes, wrapped, thrown in and ready to be re-placed

first line of attack was the kitchen - sadly no photos were taken
to portray the progression of those events
however, the second phase was our bedroom
again, there are no photos describing the monstrosity that was our clothing infested,
displaced boxes, disasterous bedroom -
but i do have a pre-romania photo for the

and although, this is not the final 'after'
i wanted to show the progression
these photos represent the 'middle' of where we are
in the re-decorating / re-arranging process

we are making a faux craft/leather working area in our bedroom
a desk/work table
a dresser with all crafting supplies
& shelving made of old fence posts will adorn the walls
providing additional storage and a display area
we will have blank walls no more!


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Noelle Marie said...

when i was a kid i would rearrange my room every other week. i kinda miss the newness. seeing your pics is inspiring me. maybe not furnature this afternoon, but some pictures, glassware, and kitchen.