sweater pillows

old sweater
new pillows

i have been wanting chunky sweater pillows for over a year now ever sense
i saw these pillows in pottery barn last season

last night, after re-moving in the entire bathroom,
the productivity bug kept me going
with the season primiere of SNL in the background, these little beaut's were created
hand sewn with two old sweaters & fishing line

i couldnt be happier
danny was so proud
he kept holding and looking at them
just saying 'wow, these are so cool'
there's nothing like creating something
and making something with your hands
the satisfaction received is uncomparable

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Noelle Marie said...

looooooooove this. just in time for fall. except i hear it's hotter than hell down there. anyway... such a great idea, i've sent this post to several of my more creative friends in Sac.