4 minute chat

i have four minutes before my meeting
discussing women, internationally
and globally recognizing them
which isnt a small task indeed

i am thinking, looking at blog photos in as a morning routine
thinking of barefeet tight pants and vines in terra pots surrounding me
dirty and dry hands
days when my neck doesnt hurt from being too far forward
and days when icy hot is not my aroma
to running and being wild and wearing color

but somehow not wanting to wear it, and feeling so much better in crisp white shirts
like diane keaton
and meryl streep
and beautiful 50-60 year old women
whom i so admire but yet i think - gosh, im going to regret the day when im older and think where did my wild 20s go
it went to buns in hair and coillard shirts under sweaters
and flats instead of platforms
and i have one more minute to chat with you dearest blog
but until we meet again
i have taking it custom to drinking green tea and giving myself permission to buy naked juice
cause it makes me feel better and tastes so good
and reminds me of days working in the coffee shop at apu
ok i have to go
heather is here
and i must go
to a meeting
to talk about women

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